April 13, 2014

diveinthemanga said: I was just wondering if this page is active before i send my theory into your submit box >.<

Well it’s practically dead due to lack of discussion, followers and interest but I’d still love to hear your theory.

July 20, 2013
Weekly Update~

Hey guys~ I’m sorry for not being so active. School started back and I have stuff to do and what not. Anyway this week we gain about 3-4 followers and lost one. Also this week the Judai theory has gained the most notes out of all the Yugioh creepypasta posts including the base theories. Which makes me wonder why do you followers or anyone who favourite the Judai theory like it so much? Leave a reply below!

Thanks guys~

July 14, 2013
Weekly Update!

Hey guys it’s Orange! As of every week I will do a little update as how theories and blog are going and what not. I really encourage my followers or anyone who comes across a theory to share your thoughts on the theory via reblog or message. Don’t be afraid to critique on the theory and find flaws I’d really appreciate it!~

That’s it I guess~ Orange out!

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July 14, 2013
Update on the Yuma theory

Orange: Hey guys!~ I’d like to thank you for reaching 6 follows in the first week of being up! It really means a lot!~ Also warning in advance this theory is pretty weak and a bit repetitive, I’ve tried my hardest but I really need some help from you Zexal fans. Anyway enjoy

 There are quite a few times in which Yuma has gone into a deep depression. One of these times being when he almost lost to Kaito in a duel. Yuma completely loses all motivation and shut from his friends. This is common for people with depression.  There are many times were Astral has tried to help Yuma in duels, but Yuma refuses to listen. Every new duel Yuma is pulled into that involves numbers is not a duel; it’s actually Yuma facing his emotional problems with or without Astral. There are many times where Yuma has shown that he is heavily attached Astral, even going to extreme lengths to win a duel and guarantee his safety . This implies that Yuma only trusts him with the secrets of depression as well as the fact that he knows Astral can help him to believe in himself again. Kotori is shown to actually be oblivious to Yuma’s depression this is shown after he is almost defeated by Kaito, when she goes to the effort of being as crazy as Yuma and attempts to jump 20 vaults which results in a concussion. This proves that she and Yuma’s others friends are not use to seeing him upset. Astral is shown to actually lose faith in himself, which results in him losing faith in Yuma, but Yuma pulls Astral through it by saying that just because there isn’t guarantee chance of winning doesn’t mean that Yuma can’t take a risk of losing. This also shows that Yuma was willing to lose to learn from his mistake but Astral made pushed him to win every number duel or else he would die. Despite the fact at first Yuma didn’t want Astral bossing him around with duels and pestering him constantly, Yuma then soon realises that Astral is trying to help him not only become a better duelist but be the comfort that he needs.

July 11, 2013
Update on the Jaden/Judai theory

The different ranks (Slifer Red, Ra Yellow and Obelisk Blue) are actually different wards in the asylum. Slifer Red being the new people who only need a little therapy and medicine and they will be able to go back to the real world, this is why Slifer Red is described as the “borderline delinquents who could get expelled at any time’, this was referring the fact that they would only be there for a about a month or so then they could leave.  The people in the Ra Yellow ward were people who needed a long time to rehabilitate through regular therapy sessions. When they said that Ra Yellow were “the top performers in the entry exam”, this was actually a reference to the fact that they scored high for mental illnesses, such as bi polar and depression. The Obelisk Blue ward was older teens that had severe problems and needed lots of heavy medicine and therapy. They are referred to “Outstanding students moved up from Junior high” but what this actually means was that some of them had driven themself to such a state that they were beyond the point of help. Now a lot of us wonder if Jaden/Judai was the best duelist in the series why didn’t he move up to Obelisk Blue? It was obviously because he never passed a written exam right? Wrong. In the asylum Jaden became increasing more insane along with Syrus, hence creating Yubel and actually seeing Professor Banner’s ghost even after he was long gone after dying in a car accident. Pharaoh, his cat, was really just a stray that Banner took in because he was lonely. He loved the cat very much, hence spoiling it with food and toys. The reason why Jaden believed that Pharaoh holds Banner’s soul is because every time Pharaoh saw Jaden, he would wail because he thought he saw the Professor and ask for food. While Syrus’ insanity was obvious and dangerous enough to be moved to the Obelisk Blue ward. Jaden’s insanity was noticeable like Syrus’, but no matter how many times they did every type of test, Jaden was not proven insane and all the doctors in the ward convinced that  he just needed therapy and medicine.

Orange: Hey if any of you GX fans want to add or correct any of the following article, please message me and I will correct. Plus most of this is based off the Manga. Thanks~

July 9, 2013
Orange da yam yam: Yugioh and CreepyPasta fans! I need your help!


Hello my fellow Yugioh fans!~

I need your help coming up/supporting theories I have about the Yugioh Protagonist for creepypasta, because honestly how many of you Yugioh fans of any series young or old have been dying for a creepypasta theory behind one of the series? Even though I cannot fully…

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July 9, 2013
Update on the 5Ds theory-Satellite and Neo Domino theory

This theory doesn’t actually have to do with Yusei himself but more so Neo Domino and Satellite before season 1. Here it is:

Before season 1 when Yusei lived in the Satellite with Jack the crew, dreaming of Neo Domino for a better life. This is a scary comparison to the separation of the ghetto slums and the privileged people of various countries. So many people in the slums who barely get by life on what they can get their hands on dream of being in a city where they were basic needs are fulfilled and they are happy. When Jack was offered to go to Neo Domino city by Lazar, it’s shown that he accepted and used Rally as bait to get Yusei’s Stardust Dragon and then drove off. But what really happened was that Jack occasionally took hits of cocaine to deal with the difficulty of life in the slums that was supplied to him by drug dealers that were sent to the satellite once released from prison. This is why he heard of the luxuries and goods of Neo Domino City, but really it was all in his head. The Satellite might also be a place where the society’s misfits were placed so that Neo Domino City was only full of rich and talented people. This might actually explain why Rally is often mistaken for a girl because he is actually a transgender. Jack actually tried to teach Rally about being a real man and knocked him out. When he did knock him out and tied him a boat, he took a trip of acid and fell into the water. Unbeknownst to Yusei and the others, Jack actually drowned. As for Yusei’s Stardust Dragon, it did actually exist but was taken from him because the scum of the satellite weren’t allowed to have nice things. As for Jack being in Neo Domino, Jack Atlas was actually a rich, successful duelist that happen to look a lot like Jack but wasn’t.  

July 8, 2013
Update on the Yugi theory

After making the base of the theories for the protagonist, I have started on backing up the Yugi theory. Here it is:

Joey was actually trying to pressure Yugi into weed and alcohol but Yugi was strongly against it. Joey would only push Yugi around when drunk hence him being ruder and more violent. When Yugi could not take any more bullying, he went to find Joey to start taking drugs and alcohol. When he reached Joey, he was being threatened by one of his suppliers about not having enough money. Yugi couldn’t let Joey get injured or get killed because he was going to ease Yugi’s pain, that’s why Yugi took a beating for Joey. Ever since then Joey felt as if he owned Yugi one, therefore they became drinking and drug buddies, explaining their close friendship.

July 8, 2013
New blog

For those of you who saw the post about the Yugioh Creepypasta theory about the Yugioh Protagonists. Here is the blog where the theory will be formed behind the protagonists and will update when either I or someone else comes up with a theory behind a protagonist or something like that.. Keep in mind this is only for the stories behind the protagonists and not all of the whole series. For those who have not see the post, it is in the source so you can check it out. Thanks~

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